Green Building Construction

Womack, Lewis & Smith, Inc. recognizes the importance of constructing energy efficient and resource responsible buildings. We are committed to educating our personnel in both the goals and techniques of the Green Building Process.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System strives to benefit building Owners, occupants, and society as a whole when its standards are implemented in a project. LEED certified buildings not only serve to reduce the impacts of construction on the environment, but studies have shown that an initial up-front investment of 2% extra will yield over ten times that initial investment over the life cycle of the building. LEED certified buildings also lead to higher employee productivity due to greater occupant comfort and health that is achieved with LEED standards.

Womack, Lewis & Smith, Inc. has both a LEED Accredited Professional that currently serves in a consultant role as well as full time staff at the LEED Green Associate level that are in the process of becoming LEED Accredited Professionals themselves.

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